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Exams and leaving arrangements: year 11 & 12

Following the government announcement that formal GCSE and BTEC exams will not be going ahead as planned this summer, we can now confirm what will happen instead and how this affects your young person.


What has been announced?

This year students will receive grades determined by teachers, with pupils only assessed on what they have been taught and not what they have missed. Teachers will assess students so that they can progress to the next stages of their education or careers and not be disadvantaged by the disruption of the last year.


How will the grades be assessed?

Grades will be based on what students have been taught, not what they've missed. Teachers will be given clear guidance from the exam boards to support them in assessing their students. They must use a range of evidence to do this including mock exams, coursework and other work completed as part of a student’s course, such as essays or in class tests.



What are the timings for this?

The school must submit grades to the exam boards by Friday 18th June 2021.


What processes will be in place to ensure grades are as fair as possible?

Before grades are submitted, students will be told which evidence is being used to assess them. Students can see this evidence. They will not be told the final grade. 

 Schools will make sure that their assessment process is fair, using guidance from the exam boards who will also check schools. There will be a representative sample of all schools and more targeted checks.

Internal and external moderation must  have taken place alongside a thorough quality assurance process overseen by senior leaders and signed by the Head.


How will the grading standards be set?

Teachers must consider each student’s performance using the sources of evidence they are using for their cohort. They must make an evidence- based judgement.


When the results are published, what if the students believe the grades are wrong?

 Students have the right to appeal their grade. If they believe their grade is wrong, they can ask the school to check for errors. If school does not find an error and the student still believes their grade is wrong, they can ask the school to submit an appeal to the exam board on their behalf. The exam board will then confirm whether the grade is reasonable based on the evidence. If not, they will decide an alternative grade.

An exam board will only revise a student’s grade where the evidence does not reasonably support that grade, rather than as a result of a slight difference of opinion. Students need to be aware that grades can go up or down as the result of an appeal. 


What’s happening with BTEC qualifications?

Students taking these qualifications will also receive grades assessed by teachers rather than sitting exams. The arrangements will be similar to those for GCSEs.


What evidence is going to be used for their teacher assessed grade?

Students will not be sitting any formal examinations. After the Easter holidays the focus will be on completing informal assessments so that there is sufficient evidence available. If the work is not there it cannot be counted. We ask you to urge your young people to come into school as much as possible during this important period so that they can ensure there is sufficient work in their subject portfolios.


When will students get their results?

The results are available on 12th August 2021. This is earlier than usual and will give extra time for any appeals to be assessed.


Will students be able to retake an exam in the autumn?

Every year there are resit exams in Maths and English during the Autumn term.  At the moment we do not know if other exams will also be available to be retaken. 



Year 11 Leaving Date

At our school Year 11 students can attend a reduced offer after the official leaving date which is 11th June. Year 12 and 13 students can also keep attending until the end of the academic year. To help us plan, please would you indicate by completing this form if you would like your young person to continue to attend Leo Kelly after the official leaving date.


If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact your young person’s form teacher in the first instance.