Galaxy House: Parent Information

We understand how stressful and worrying having a child in hospital can be. Please be reassured that your child is in the safe hands of specialist staff, who always balance their medical needs against the demands of a school curriculum.

We encourage parents to contact the school for any reason, whether checking in on their child’s welfare or progress, for support or intervention between home school, for support in applying for a range of supports, including school transfers, to agreeing exam arrangements or exchange of papers.

We will send out reports every 6 weeks as part of the Care Planning and Assessment (CPA) cycle. These meetings are also attended by home schools and we liaise closely with parents and medical teams to plan your child’s learning and eventual reintegration.

  • Our aim is to minimise the disruption to your child’s learning while they are an inpatient.
  • We will support your child to achieve academic success in spite of their medical needs. 
  • We will contact your child’s school and establish a link.
  • We will act as a conduit between pupil and home school, managing their work load and supporting them to access that curriculum. 
  • We are available to you, should you have any questions. 
  • We will share reports with you and their school every 6 weeks.
  • CPA meetings will be attended by home school and GH school. 
  • Planning for reintegration to home school is carefully managed and coordinated between parents, home school and GH school.