RMCH Information for Home Schools

If a child from your school has to stay in RMCH for more than five days, they will be offered education through Manchester Hospital School.

How we teach

  • We have teachers who cover all stages from early years to post 16 including SEN teachers and secondary subject teachers.
  • Pupils are taught one to one, normally at the bedside.
  • Pupils will have one or more lessons a day depending on their age and medical condition.
  • Each pupil has a key teacher who can be contacted on 0161 509 2368

What we teach

  • We create a bespoke curriculum for each child to support their individual learning needs and ensure they are not disadvantaged by their time in hospital.

The pupil’s key teacher at RMCH will make contact with their home school to request the following information:

  • A key contact name and number – either the child’s class teacher or SENCO
  • SEND information including EHCP and IEPs (if applicable)
  • Most recent assessment information
  • Any relevant safeguarding information
  • Up to date subject curriculum information (secondary students)
  • Exam board information for Y10-13 students

We rely on timely and accurate information from schools to ensure we meet pupils’ learning needs.

Attendance Data

  • Pupils at RMCH are dual-rolled with their home school 
  • The attendance code you use should say they are being educated off site 
  • Please get in touch to request attendance updates – we can provide these

When your pupil leaves RMCH

  • We provide a summary of learning for pupils that have been in for more than 19 days
  • If a medical professional deems a pupil not well enough to attend school when they are discharged from RMCH, Manchester Hospital School can continue to teach them through one of our alternative pathways.

If you have further questions or information to share about one of your pupils in RMCH, please email